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Necklace & Earring Sets

The necklace and earring pair in each of these sets may also be purchased separately.
All silver-tone earwires are surgical steel, and gold-tone ones are gold-plated. They can be made with clip-ons for non-pierced ears, just mention it when placing your order.

Spider necklace, earrings $35.00
A spider waits ominously within her web of metal chains at the base of the neck. It may be ordered alone or with the matching earrings. Our original spider design is back. A long personal favorite of the designer as well as many customers, this necklace and earring set was regretfully discontinued years ago due to changes with our supplier. The main neckchain is 18" and is set with additional rings for length adjustment. Set shown as a close-up view. View the Spider necklace.
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Dolphin necklace, earrings $35.00
In this enchanting set a pewter dolphins leaps through silver-tone hoops among blue/green waves of glittering chain. It is a popular gift for any age. The chain is actually strands of alternating green and blue anodized aluminum, but they are so colorful and shiny that they are often confused with bright turquoise beads. The standard necklace length is 18" with adjustment to wear it higher up, but we can add extra length if needed. The necklace and earrings may be purchased separately or as a set. If the earrings need to be made with clip-ons, just mention it when placing your order.
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Dreamseeker Celtic necklace, earrings $22.00
A cross between Celtic knotwork and Native American styles, this set is now available with either silver-plated feathers or nickel-plated dangles. Each maille diamond is crafted by hand then your choice of accent is added. This inspired design is the very first to feature the diamond shapes which have become such a trademark of our company's artistry. Some chainmail vendors have taken our chainmail diamond idea and just changed the name to "celtic knotwork" or similar. The chainmail pendant comes on an 18" chain and the earrings use surgical steel earwires. These jewelry pieces may be purchased separately or as a set. Shown with silver-plated feathers. View with nickel-plated dangles.
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Crystalweave necklace, earrings $30.00
These chainmail jewelry pieces add a dreamy look to any clothing, be it Renaissance lady, wench outfit, dinner party or club wear. This lacy web-like necklace design drips with firepolished beads. It flows from our original floral maille weave - the base of our Crystalweave designs. The matching earring flowers are also available separately. They are available in steel, shiny aluminum and gold-tone brass. The beads, in your choice of color, are combined with smaller iridescent beads with the fairy-like sheen of crystal aurora borealis. We can optionally make these with pretty little bells which create a delightful sound. The standard necklace length fits up to an 18" neck. See earrings and necklace close-up.
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Fringe neckless, earrings $25.00
This dual-tone set is made with bright brass links holding larger steel rings in our own unique CaptiveLink chainmail weave. The necklace provides a rounded neckline with it's fringe of shining faceted beads. We make it to fit all sizes up to an 18" neck and can make it larger if needed. The earrings are made with gold-plated earwires and feature three beautifully arranged fire polished beads apiece. Both pieces may be ordered separately or as a set. Just mention it when placing your order if you need the earrings made for non-pierced ears.
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CaptiveLink necklace, earrings $25.00
These attractive and exotic looking pieces can be worn at the office as well as to match that exquisite belly dancing costume. Steel links are captured by brass, creating an intriguing and unique combination. This unusual chainmail weave is our own original creation - not based off of any existing weave. It is further complemented by dangles of faceted beads in your choice of color. They are shown here with iridescent purple beads. The standard necklace length is made to fit up to an 18" neck, and the earwires on the earrings are gold-plated. These jewelry items may be purchased separately or as a set.
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Ankh necklace, earrings $45.00
A black ankh, diamond-cut to flash in the light, is surrounded by a flowing chain design. It dresses up everyday wear and looks great with many gothic fashion styles. We'll create these unusual pieces in black with blue, purple, silver or entirely black chain. The findings are silver-tone. Standard necklace size is 18". See other necklace view. The necklace and earring pair may be purchased separately as well as in the set. Also see our unique Ankh Comet earring design. The earrings can be made for non-pierced ears upon request.
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Renaissance necklace, earrings $35.00
This choker necklace was designed to be the perfect companion for any bodice, corset or other open neck outfit from Renaissance garb to peasant top. It looks just as good with any open neckline modern wear or worn with just a portion peeking out of a shirt for a more subtle effect. This choker necklace and earring jewelry is handmade of chainmail webs, sparkling with drops of fire polished beads. The necklace begins in a European-weave choker before cascading into one of our unusual Hexmaile creations. It fits neck sizes from 12"-18". The earrings are a more recent creation, designed in a matching chainmail weave with a unique double drop of fire polished beads. See other Renaissance necklace view. Also, see necklace with a Hexmaile bikini top. Purchase these jewelry items separately or as a set.
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Dragon necklace, earrings $37.50
In this fiery fantasy jewelry set, an adorable 3D dragon frolics within a teardrop. She is surrounded by red and yellow chains which flicker in the light like flames. These artistic necklace and earrings may be purchased separately or as a set. The standard necklace length goes up to 18", and the earwires are surgical steel. For a more masculine dragon design see our Dragon-Spike necklace. Please let us know when placing your order if you need the earrings made for non-pierced ears.
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