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(Headbands, Tiaras & Headdresses)

Where to wear a headpiece? Where ever you'd wear a hat.
Not just for Renaissance faires anymore, headdreases have become very popular for stylish outfits and clubwear.
For more casual wear, our comfortable headbands and tiaras stay put without pinning even while dancing and don't pull hair like plain elastics. They look great worn as a necklace too!

Diamond Celtic headband $27.50
A Celtic knotwork style chainmail diamond rests upon the brow in this lovely headband. The centerpiece of a light-reflecting, metal bead is set with your choice of semi-precious stones or Austrian crystals. Sleek nickel-plated chain lengths weave their way along the sides to frame the face and accent the eyes. A stretchy woven cord provides a comfortable and very adjustable fit. The main headpiece view is with Tiger eye beads and a Diamond choker necklace. View close-up with blue Austrian crystal. As with all our headbands, this piece may be lowered to rest around the neck, becoming a stunning necklace.
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Stones or Crystals
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WebArt tiara $35.00
A tiara is a decorative jeweled headband. This unusual headwear design adds an exotic look, be it worn with an elegant outfit or dance costume. The dark gleam of the black option would do any goth princess proud while the colors are popular with bright bellydance and Renaissance Fair outfits. An ornate centerpiece of fire polished and Hematite beads adorn the forehead of this gorgeous headpiece. From this, a lacework of chain drapes its way back. It is held on comfortably and securely by very stretchy rayon and, as with all our headbands, one may choose to wear it over or under the hair. Choose your favorite chain color with matching beads, gold-tone and silver-tone are made with scintillating crystal aurora borealis beads. Shown here with a Spike choker and a non-pierced Spike earring. See other view with a WebArt necklace.
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Raven headpiece $25.00
This beautiful gothic headband features a lovely hematite teardrop which is complemented by drapes of black anodized chain. The comfortable strap is made of stretchy rayon cord to ensure a perfect fit. Our headbands can also be lowered to rest around the neck, converting them into pretty necklaces. See other view with Raven arm bands and a Raven Gothic necklace.
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Amira chain mail headband $20.00
This chain mail headpiece jewelry design is very popular for Renaissance faires, bridesmaid's outfits, and casual dress. The shining fire polished beads decorate the forehead in the center of the chainmail band. Rayon stretch cord allows it to rest in place comfortably no matter the head size and makes it perfectly secure for activities such as belly dancing. The strap may be worn over or under the hair. As with all of our headbands, this item also looks great as a necklace so you can always rest it around your neck if you tire of wearing it on your head. The main picture is with garnet red beads and a Lock-et collar. View in brass w/emerald green beads. See other view with our Raven slave ensemble.
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Crystal Facemask $32.00
This dramatic mask of chainmail and colorful chains was created to accent the eyes and does an exceptional job of it. A unique and eye-catching piece for any evening out, not to mention at costume balls or medieval fairs. Bright Austrian crystal or semi-precious stones lend their own personality and charm to the overall design. The band of comfortable rayon stretch cord provides a perfect fit for everyone. Shown with black chains and Hematite beads. View with blue chain and black Austrian crystal with a Raven chain-top, Wayfarer bracelet and arm-bands. See other view with gold-tone chain and red Austrian crystals.
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Stones or Crystals
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Crystal coronet $38.00
Lovely as a wedding adornment or just to add a touch of medieval elegance to less formal outfits. The front is adorned with your choice of semi-precious stones or Austrian crystals upon fluted teardrops. Those drops, the slim chains to either side and the larger rings are silver or gold tone to go with your choice of metal. Available metals are golden brass or the silver finish of steel and aluminum. Made to be fully adjustable, it has a stretchy section and adjustable chain at the back, and rests comfortably upon forehead or crown. As with any headpiece, wearing it high may feel more secure with hair pins or clips. See other view with Mother of Pearl in steel and a ShadowPoint slave set. See other view. See back view in brass.
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Stones or Crystals
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Amira headdress $55.00
This charming Renaissance style headpiece is handcrafted with a chainmail band with fire polished beads to add color and sparkle. More faceted beads adorn the forehead while chains trail along from point to point in whichever length you choose. It's a favorite for weddings with the matching Amira headbands for the bridesmaids. This headdress is available in a cap-like crown, short style (shown w/an Epaulet triangle), the popular mid-length style and very elaborate waist-length style.
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Crown of Spikes $42.00
This chainmail coronet is a unique and suitable accessory for amazon or warrior princess. The attractive band of chain-mail shapes and rings is adorned with shiny spikes. This creation is fully adjustable with the help of a small stretchy section at the back which is ornamented with a drape of chain. That piece makes this headband quite secure when worn lower upon the brow. A couple bobby pins may be desired when resting it higher upon the crown of the head. It is shown here with a Lock-et collar and Spike armband. See back view. Our Crown of Spikes design in a daintier, less spikey form is available as our Crystal coronet.
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Colorful chain headdress $125.00
This is an incredible headdress for medieval and renaissance event wear to weddings and everything in between. We make this beautiful headpiece by hand to order in your choice of chain color. It is available in mid-length as well as an elaborate waist-length style which flows down the back or may be pinned up, holding your hair in its weave. Nickel-plated, black finished or brass metal beads connect each junction of chain. The attractive band design is a very original creation with our trademark diamond shapes interspersed with larger rings which match the finish of the beads. The front centerpiece is adorned with lovely faceted glass teardrops in black for black bead choice or crystal aurora borealis to match nickel and brass beads. Main picture is a mid-length style w/blue chain and nickel-plated beads. View waist-length style w/red chain and black beads. View length of mid-length back w/gold-tone band, chain and beads. See the back of the waist-length style in silver-tone band w/silver chain and beads with a Raven armband. The silver chain used here has a lustrous, pearlescent sheen which is fantastic for bridal wear. See front view shown with a Danae necklace, Raven armbands and Raven slave bracelets.
Our supplier is having difficulties so red chain is currently unavailable for this item.
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Metal beads
Chain color
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Ice-Flame headdress $140.00
This enchanting headdress has a very elaborate front fashioned from bright beads interwoven into a lovely blending of colors. The fancy chainmail band is handwoven in an artistic shape formed of interwoven wire rings. Below, shiny chains drape with connections of beads triads like faceted glass flowers woven into the hair throughout the back. Shown in blue-ice colors with an Ice-Flame V-necklace (not available). View in dark-fire colors with a Ice-Flame harem bracelet. See back view.
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Crystalweave headdress $150.00
This unique fantasy coif is a metal creation fashioned to suit faerie folk to warrior princesses. This headpiece is made of an unusual combination of chainmail weaves, which become an intricate web continuing past shoulder blade level and ending in points which are fashioned to lead into longer hair beautifully. Shining fire polished beads, partnered with smaller ones with an ethereal aurora borealis sheen, frame the face beautifully and continue around the entire headpiece. Worn during dancing, the beads catch the light beautifully. View in gold-tone with ruby red beads with a matching Amira Handstar, Hexmaile harness and Hexmaile armlets. See other view with aurora borealis beads shown with an Amira necklace and Crystalweave bikini top.
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WebArt head-piece $150.00
A gorgeous, colorful spiderweb of chains and crystalline drops, this is headware worthy of a princess. It's gorgeous design would really be something else for a night on the town, and the bright chains and beads would create the most eye catching effects when worn with harem and belly dancing costumes. The back side of this web comes down to mid-length (below the shoulder blades) and is well adorned with fancy drops made of fire polished and Hematite beads. Gold-tone and silver-tone colors are made with lovely crystal aurora borealis beads, otherwise those faceted beads match the chain color. The elaborate centerpiece in the front is just as intricate as that of the WebArt tiara and expands from there into ornate drapes of chain, decorated with more fancy bead drops. See front view in sapphire w/cobalt beads and a Diamond chains top. View in amethyst purple with matching WebArt necklace and hand bracelet.
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