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Popular chain mail interests - Jewelry, Gothic, Belly Dance, Renaissance, Fantasy, Wedding, Punk

Handmade Chain Mail Jewelry & Fashions

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Jewelry and Accessories

headdresses & headbands

Earcuff Earrings
multi-pierced or just the look

Necklaces & Earrings
Renaissance, dragons, spiders...

unusual necklaces & chokers

slave bracelets, handflowers...

Waist Chains & Belts
plain/dance belts, belly chains
(slave) anklets, barefoot sandals

Arm Jewelry
armlets, armbands, jacket chains

Locking Jewelry
locking collars, anklets, chains...
Pride Jewelry
pride jewelry w/rainbow rings


Women's Fashions
body chains, harnesses, skirts
Body Chains
neck to belly - arm - wrist
Halter/Bikini Tops
designed for comfort & beauty

Metal Bottoms
men's & women's bottom wear

Men's Fashions
neckties, harnesses, loin cloths

Piercing chains, etc.
piercing/non-piercing chains, cuffs...

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Chain mail Creations Overview
Ankle Jewelry
Anklets w/Chains
Arm Jewelry
Bajoran Style Earrings
Barefoot Sandals
Bat Jewelry
Belled Anklets
Belly Body Jewelry
Belly Chains
Belly Dance Jewelry
Belly Drapes
Biker Jewelry
Bikini Tops
Body chains
Boot Chains
Bottom Wear
Chain mail Belts
Chain mail Bottoms
Chain mail Chokers
Chain mail Collars
Chain mail Cuffs
Chain mail Harnesses
Chain mail Headbands
Chain mail Headdresses
Chain mail Headpieces
Chain mail Mask
Chain mail Necklaces
Chain mail Necktie
Chain mail Thongs
Chain mail Tiaras
Charm Jewelry
Choker Necklaces
Clamp Ornaments
Combination Jewelry
Connector necklaces
Cuff Earrings
Cyber Punk Wear
Dancer Fashions
Dolphin Jewelry
Dragon Jewelry
Epaulet Chains
Exotic Costumes
Exotic Fashions
Fantasy Jewelry
Foot Jewelry
Gorean jewelry
Gothic Bracelets
Gothic Earrings
Gothic Fashions
Gothic Headpieces
Gothic Jewelry
Gothic necklaces
Halter Tops
Hand Bracelets
Jacket Chains
Jeweled Necklaces
Jewelry w/Hematite
Jewelry with bells
Jewelry, chainmail
Locking Anklets
Locking Bracelets
Locking Jewelry
Locking Necklaces
Locking Waist Chains
Mens Fashions
Mens Jewelry
Metal Headpieces
Multiple Pierced Earrings
Necklaces w/Chains
Non-pierced earrings
Non-Piercing Chains
Piercing jewelry chains
Pink Triangle Jewelry
Pointy parts
Pride Jewelry
Punk Jewelry
Rainbow Ring Jewelry
Renaissance Faire Styles
Scene Jewelry
Sexy Jewelry
Shoulder Chains
Slave Anklets
Slave Bracelets
Slave Jewelry
Spider Web Jewelry
Under $25 Gift Ideas
Upper Arm Jewelry
Vampire Jewelry
Waist Jewelry
Waistchains & Bellychains
Warrior Wear
Wedding Accessories
Wide belts
Women's Chains
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