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Ear Cuff Earrings

Even before Star Trek's Bajoran earrings appeared, we've been crafting earcuff earrings to fit ears with none through multiple ear piercings.

No piercing required!! Ear cuffs do not pierce. They wrap around the ear. Each of our earring styles feature a sterling silver ear cuff but an upper-stud option is available for those with a cartilage piercing.
Earring posts & wires are made of surgical steel. Clip-ons are available for unpierced.

Colorful cuff earring $27.00
Our most enduring, yet entirely matchless, earring design. Colorful, anodized aluminum chains drape from the sterling silver ear cuff. Hanging faceted glass teardrops in gothic black or luminous crystal AB (clear with reflective ghosts of color) add to this earring's charm. It automatically comes with a simple earring, a dangle without a cuff, which is usually worn on the opposite ear. The main view is of a single-pierced style w/cuff, green chain, and crystal AB teardrops along with a simple earring shown on the same ear. View a double-pierced style w/ear cuff, purple chain and black teardrops. We individually handcraft each for up to triple pierced lobes and even for entirely non-pierced ears (choose "sterling ear cuff" and "for non-pierced lobe" in the "Style" options, below).
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Chain color
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Fancy Crystal earring $27.50
Designed before Bajoran earrings appeared on TV, this was one of our first earcuff earrings designs and still a favorite. Depending on the bead choice, this earring can look darkly gothic or crystalline delicate. Semi-precious stones or Austrian crystals sparkle along a path from the ear cuff to an ear-post or two (or even three). This original design has been a favorite since before Bajoran earrings ever appeared on the scene. It automatically comes with a simple earring (drop w/stone) which is often worn on the opposite ear. The fluted metal teardrops capture the light dramatically. The main picture shows an upper-stud style for a double-pierced lobe and black Onyx beads. View a single-pierced style w/ear cuff and Tiger eye. Options are present for wear on entirely non-pierced ears. See close view of the simple earring.
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Stones or Crystals
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ShadowPoint slave earring $27.50
A dark earring hung with shiny silver-tone chain links and blood-red points. This piece creates an apocalyptic, gothic air with its fire polished, garnet points capped by dark gleaming Hematite beads. We craft the ShadowPoint earring to order with a sterling silver ear cuff (or an upper-stud for wear with cartilage piercing) and made for your choice of non-pierced, single, double or triple pierced lobe. As a plus, it automatically comes with a secondary earring, often worn on the opposite ear, in which the black chain is linked to the earring back. The main picture features the ShadowPoint earring with upper-stud and a single-pierced lobe next to the secondary earring. See with sterling silver ear cuff made for a double pierced lobe. View secondary earring w/the chain running to the back. For entirely unpierced ears choose "sterling ear cuff" and "for non-pierced lobe" in the "Style" options, below.
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Ice-Flame Bajoran earring $28.00
An exotic ear cuff earring with an unusual bajoran earring look while retaining its own unique and fresh appearance. This ear jewelry is handcrafted for a single, double or triple pierced lobe and even for entirely non-pierced ears (choose "sterling ear cuff" and "for non-pierced lobe" in the "Style" options, below). This unusual ear adornment features double drapes of chain separated by fire polished beads in red to black (dark-fire) or gradients of blue (blue-ice), then a single chain continues on for double or triple lobe piercings. This jewelry item also comes with a separate, dangle earring which consists of a matching bead to drop and no cuff. Shown here with upper-stud for double-pierced lobe in blue-ice. View in dark-fire with a sterling ear cuff for single-pierced lobe. Also, see a single earring in dark-fire (usually worn on the opposite ear).
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Amira slave earring $27.00
Gleaming fire polished bead drops add color and style to this earring. It has a chain connecting the ear cuff (or upper-stud for those with cartilage piercings) to the post(s) in the lobe. We make these to order for people with entirely non-pierced ears as well as for single, double or triple pierced lobes. It can be worn on either ear, and the included simple earring with just the bead drop is often worn in the opposite ear. It is shown here for single-pierced lobe with ear cuff and aurora borealis beads. View an Amira earring for double-pierced lobe with iridescent purple beads and simple earring. All our earrings may be purchased for unpierced ears (use the "Style" options of "sterling ear cuff" and "for non-pierced lobe").
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Crystal Comet earring set $32.00
Often confused with Bajoran earrings, we've been making this unique and original design since 1992. Three colorful chains trail from a sterling silver ear cuff to a drop-shaped loop. A semi-precious stone or Austrian crystal adorns each chain, and another rests upon the metal teardrop which hangs within the dangling loop. One of our oldest all original earring ideas, each is specially handcrafted to match your own personal preferences. The metal teardrop is fluted for a rich look as it flashes in the light. This earring is optionally available without the matching single earring for the opposite ear. The single consists of the loop with matching drop, but no ear cuff portion. The main picture is an ear cuff style with purple chain and purple Austrian crystal. View a Comet earring w/upper-stud, black chain and Hematite beads. Options are also available for entirely non-pierced ears.
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Chain color
Stones or Crystals
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Blade ear cuff earring $26.50
This ear cuff, or multi-pierced, earring is popular with both men and women and goes great for a pirate, punk or gothic flare. Black chain sweeps down from a cuff or upper-stud from which dangles a pewter blade. The basic design of this earring for single and non-pierced lobes features a single strand leading down to a black glass point or optional skull. The chain branches into 2 or 3 chains when for double and triple pierced lobe is chosen and the furthest one ends in the point. Each earring comes with a single earring with chain connecting the earring back. This simpler earring is usually worn on the opposite ear. As with all our earrings, there are options for wear on even ears with no piercings at all (choose "sterling ear cuff" and "for non-pierced lobe"). Shown here with double-pierced lobe, upper-stud and black point. View with sterling ear cuff for triple pierced lobe and black point. See single-pierced earring with ear cuff and skull. View a single earring with skull.
Also, see it with entirely non-pierced options ("sterling ear cuff" "for non-pierced lobe").
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Ankh Comet earring set $50.00
This elaborate design is popular for fancier gothic wear. Within the chain adorned teardrop loop dangles a black ankh which is diamond-cut to catch the light. It is made to order with either all black chains or striking combinations which contain a dash of elegant color. The ear cuff earring comes with a matching single earring for the opposite ear unless "no single" is chosen in the first style option box. All our earrings may be ordered for entirely non-pierced ears (by choosing "sterling ear cuff" and "for non-pierced..." as the "Style" options). Also see our matching necklace and simpler earring styles.
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Spike earcuff earring $32.50
This earring features shiny spikes trailing along a chain of faceted black glass beads. It is a very popular for a gothic or punk look among both men and women. We'll also make it with a stud, rather than the sterling silver earcuff, for people with an upper-pierced ear. A single earring of one bead and a spike is included and is usually worn on the opposite ear. View a Spike earring for double-pierced lobe. This, as with all our earrings, is optionally available for entirely non-pierced ears (see the second "Style" option). We regret that we are unable to make this design for three lobe piercings.
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