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Slave Bracelets, Handflowers & Bracelets

Our bracelets and handflowers fit from 6"-8½" wrists, but we'll make them larger or smaller upon request.
TIP: A handflower or slave bracelet is a unique way to accessorize any glove.

Amira handflower $23.00
This chainmail handflower design is the very first of its kind, veering away from the standard of triangular and linear handpieces. The dual attachment points at the top fill out the design, making it more of a hand bracelet than a traditional slave bracelet as well as less likely to slip around during activities such as belly dancing. Our original name was just "Handflower", referring to the flower of bright, fire polished beads which rests upon the back of the hand, but that name has begun to refer to any hand bracelet. Two separate chains to loop over fingers, holding and opening the flower. For smaller hands, those chains may be comfortably worn over more than one finger. The attractive chainmail base adds to this jewelry's overall appeal. It fits from 6"-8½" wrists, though we can adjust this sizing if needed.
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Crystalweave handflower $15.50
Featuring a pretty, chainmail band with flower-like shapes and a similar design in the center, this delightful bracelet has a delicate appearance. It's more intricate than typical wrist to finger bracelets and less bulky than our other handflowers or typical bellydance hand covers. Fire polished, Czech beads in your choice of color are combined with smaller ones of crystal aurora borealis (clear with reflective ghosts of color). This handpiece fits from 6"-8½" wrists. View close-up. See other view with a Crystalweave necklace and Crystalweave belt.
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Dancer Handstar $32.00
This lovely harem bracelet is great whether it's to be worn for a typical night out, to the Renaissance fair or with a bellydance outfit. Our Dancer (formerly Amira) Handstar is a handflower design which covers a larger area than our Amira handflower because it is made with twice as many fire polished beads. We developed the intricate star design as a unique form of handflower (also known as a hand, harem, or slave bracelet). Black fire polished beads in the center add emphasis to your choice of outer bead color, or choose "same as outside" to have them match the main bead color. The second chain is looped over one or two fingers, depending on hand size and personal preference. Fits from 6"-8½" wrists. Just let us know if you need a different size. Shown with emerald green beads with a black center. View in brass with ruby red beads, shown with a matching Crystalweave headdress, Hexmaile harness, and Hexmaile armlets.
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Center beads
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Colorful Handpiece $18.00
This beautiful handpiece is full of color and charm. It is made in your choice of colorful anodized chain and accented with brass, nickel-plated or black metal beads. The band is made in your choice of steel, shiny aluminum or gold-tone brass. This is an eye catching bracelet but also makes an excellent accessory for gloves. This bracelet fits just about everyone. The standard wrist measurements fit from 6"-8½", but we can make it to a different size if needed. View in purple w/nickel-plated beads shown with Colorful armband. See other view with black chain and nickel-plated beads.
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Metal beads
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Ice-Flame harem bracelet $35.00
Our Ice-Flame harem bracelet design is handcrafted in rich shades of colors and an artistically woven chainmail band. It is a tasteful accessory for a dressy outfit and a beautiful addition to a harem dancer costume. Each handflower is carefully crafted in an elegant design with a sculpted chainmail band made to set off its unusual shape. The beads covering the back of the hand is a combination of fire polished bead colors blending in a gorgeous pattern of shades. Fiery ruby red flows into deep garnet which fades to black in the dark-fire option and rich cobalt shades to dark sapphire blue into light sapphire in blue-ice. We designed this handpiece to be worn over two or three fingers, depending upon hand size and comfort. Each is individually created and sold as it is commonly worn as a single bracelet rather than in a pair. We craft them to be adjustable from 6"-8½" wrists. View in dark-fire colors shown with an Ice-Flame headdress. View dark-fire harem bracelet with an Ice-Flame bodychain. Also see with a Maille Heavybelt, Ice-Flame arm bands and Ice-Flame body chain.
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Raven slave bracelet $20.00
This slave bracelet is a simply elegant design of a style extremely popular for casual, belly dance, and gothic club wear. It features dark hematite beads and gun metal rings with a slim length of chain which loops over a finger. Black anodized chain angles away from the center diamond, following the angle of the steel chainmail wristpiece. This item fits from 6"-8½" wrists. Shown with Raven slave anklet.
This item is also available in a set as our unique Raven slave ensemble which runs chains from the slave bracelets to matching arm bands and necklace.
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Steel-lace bracelet $14.50
The dark gleam of larger gunmetal rings add emphasis to the elegant lace of this unique chainmail bracelet. The metal lace is an early invention of our own, and we will make it in your choice of metal (steel, aluminum, or gold-tone brass). The standard size fits from 6"-8½" wrists. Please let us know when you if you need us to modify the size. See other view with a Steel-lace arm band. A matching choker is also available.
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Wayfarer chainmail bracelet $14.50
The width and overall look in this chainmail bracelet reminds us of the sailors' woven bracelets. That's why we named it "Wayfarer". This simple band, with it’s distinctive weave, is a favorite among men and women. It adjusts to fit from 6" to 8½" wrists and is available in steel, shiny aluminum and gold-tone brass. Displayed here with a Locking anklet. Also see the matching choker.
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WebArt hand bracelet $30.00
This wonderful harem, or hand, bracelet is hand woven of chain and fire polished beads. It's a stunning handpiece, the like of which has never been seen before. The design forms a graceful double arc spanning the back of the hand. It is worn on thumb and three fingers like a demi-glove or glovelette and makes a terrific bracelet or harem costume accessory. Fits from 6"-8½" wrists. See other view with a WebArt bodypiece. Gold and silver colors are made with clear, crystal aurora borealis beads. These are sold singly though some prefer to wear in pairs.
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Diamond slave armlet $27.50
We love this unique combination of arm band, bracelet and connection chain. It adds a alluring touch to normal wear and enhances more elaborate attire. The arm to wrist setup is historically portrayed in harem attire. Our bracelet and arm band is beautifully handmade in graceful diamond shapes alternating with shiny rings and may be worn with or without the included 18" connection chain. That sleek chain (or chains if you order additional) has a lobster clasp to attach to our smaller chainmail links and an "S" hook which may be hooked onto links, D-rings or most any jewelry. Additional chains may be purchased to be worn with this or other items (3 chains running from upper arm to wrist looks fantastic). This item fits most wrists (6"-8½") with the standard armband size fitting from 9" to 12" and large from a 12"-15" upper arm. It is shown here with an Amira necklace. View close-up of 2 Armlets.
See other view of Armlets with x-tra connection chains running to a Diamond choker necklace. Go to the Diamond slave ensemble to purchase the entire matching set (neck and both arms).
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