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Anklets & Barefoot Sandals

Our chainmail anklets are wonderful bare foot jewelry and will also dress up any pair of sandals or shoes. Longer anklets also work great as boot chains.
Our barefoot sandals (or slave anklets, footpieces, footflowers) are designed to adorn the foot as if wearing fancy sandals with all the comfort of bare feet.
Unless otherwise noted, prices are per piece not by the pair.

Crystalweave anklet $17.50
This delicate looking anklet is made of steel links formed into chain-maille flowers. It may be worn with sandals, shoes or barefoot. From each flower hangs a fancy fire polished Czech glass bead drop. The main bead, in your chosen color, is complemented by smaller beads of crystal aurora borealis. These anklets create an incredible effect with movement, as they swing out and catch the light, making it ideal for belly dancers. In place of beads, we can now make these with little bells which make a very lovely jingle sound. The standard size fits up to 11", large to 13".
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Diamond ankle & boot chains $25.00
This is wonderful accessory, whether worn with bare feet or to draw the eye to those stunning shoes or sandals. It also makes an ideal ornament for dressing up plain boots. This original jewelry design encircles the ankle with shiny nickel-plated chains and rings. Matching bells accent each chainmail diamond and create a lovely subdued sound. We can optionally make this item without bells. View as anklet to 12" size. That size fits from very slim up to 12" ankles. Boots will likely require one of the longer options. View longer worn as bootchain. Price is by the piece, but some people prefer to wear two as a pair.
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Amira dancer anklet $25.00
Our Amira dancer anklet looks great worn with sandals, shoes or bare feet. Chainmail fringed with belly dancer bells or jingles and fire polished beads provide enchanting sound and color. This anklet is the result of our boredom with the standard straight lines which belonged to previous forms of ankle jewelry. We designed it to utilize a beautiful, and more interesting design, of alternating rings and chainmaille diamonds. Choose from lovely tinkling bells or double jingles. The standard size adjusts from as small as you want up to an 11" ankle, large to 13". View with double jingles. This style is available with all bells or jingles as our Belled chainmaille anklet. Also, see this style as a barefoot sandal.
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Steel-Lace boot chain $34.00
A unique look for any boot, this biker-style boot chain is made of hand linked galvanized steel chainmail interspersed with large gunmetal rings. It's overall outside length of 18” fits around just about any boot, and it's designed in a way which requires only a slight ridge of a heel (just enough to prevent wear on the bottom band). Our Steel-lace boot chain is crafted and sold individually but may be worn as part of a pair. View other side.
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Danae barefoot sandal $25.00
This barefoot sandal is a very tasteful chainmail jewelry design based on one of our most established fashion lines, the Danae neckpiece. More than many slave anklet designs, they resemble sandals when worn. We create them from steel or brass wire which is accented by the larger, gunmetal finish rings. Our Danae barefoot sandals are sold singly. They fit up to a 12" ankle. See other view.
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Locking anklet $23.00
This unique lockable ankle decoration is attractive without being ostentatious. Reminiscent of old fashioned manacles, the doubled steel chain also allows adjustable placement for the included light-weight lock. The ends and center of the anklet flare slightly at larger nickel-plated rings, adding an additional artistic touch to the overall design. The standard size is adjustable up to an 11" ankle, the large size to a 13" ankle. This anklet is shown with a Wayfarer bracelet. Please note that our mailorder jewelry creations are fashion items and not meant for continuous wear.
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Raven slave anklet $32.00
This lovely foot adornment makes a wonderful addition to any wardrobe from dancer to gothic. In this unusual barefoot sandal, an elegant band of steel chain-mail collars the ankle, with one portion shifting into our trademark diamond shapes and branching off toward the toes. Black anodized chains fall smoothly across the top of the foot. Foot jewelry such as these are sometimes referred to as slave anklets. They may be worn singly, as regular anklet are usually worn, or by the pair like sandals for barefeet. We make this style to fit up to an 11" ankle. It is shown here with a Raven slave bracelet.
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Crystabel slave anklet $32.00
Designed as part of our Amira line, this was our first barefoot sandal design. It is lovely for bellydance, casual barefoot wear, and is even popular for weddings. Chainmail diamonds connected by larger rings form an attractive and never before seen combination. This foot adornment begins as a beautiful anklet yet extends across the top to the toe, emphasizing the shapely ankle and foot. The stretchy cord allows this jewelry to move comfortably, making it the perfect accessory for dancing. Little dancer bells chime with every movement while fire polished beads add flash and color. Shown in brass with green beads. View in steel with crystal aurora borealis beads. Fits up to an 11" ankle. Purchase as a single piece or get a discounted price on a pair.
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Diamond barefoot sandal $35.00
An artfully sophisticated barefoot sandal design with nickel-plated chains flowing gracefully along the foot. Hand formed chainmail shapes give this slave anklet a unique appearance. See other view. We make this style to fit up to an 11" ankle. Our Diamond barefoot sandals are made and sold individually, but a discounted price for two is available in the options below.
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Crystal footflower $36.00
We'll handcraft this beautiful barefoot sandal to your specifications. Choose your preferred color combination from our variety of inner chain colors along with semi-precious stones or Austrian crystals. The outer framework is sturdily made of steel chain because most foot jewelry must stand up to a great deal of stress. This structure is available in nickel-plate or gold-tone finish. This foot adornment can be worn alone, but many people prefer to wear them as a set so we also offer them by the pair. The Footflower shown has purple chain and Turquoise stones. This footpiece fits up to a 12" ankle, hooking at the back with extra chain looping back up attractively. The chain web conforms itself to each foot shape.
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Spike bootchain $36.00
This is an interesting and unique steel boot chain design. The steel chainmail is offset by shiny nickel-plated rings and chain. Two different types of spikes add personality and a bit of punk style. We used to only make boot chains at events because variations in heel and boot size can make the bottom chain too loose. This can be a big problem if the chain slips under the heel. This original style of bootchain fits just about any boot which has even a slight heel. Excess chain around the boot itself is meant to be hooked upon the main piece. However, we do offer a slightly smaller size to better accommodate ladies boots with slim ankles. This item is ornate enough that we usually prefer to wear them singly, but others may prefer to order two. See other view.
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Belled chainmaille anklet $25.00
Chiming belly dance bells or jingles extend from chainmaille diamonds and shiny connecting rings to create a lovely sound in this enchanting anklet. From renaissance faires to beaches, wear this anklet with sandals, shoes or barefoot. We handcraft each in either gold-tone (brass) or silver-tone (steel) metal. Standard size fits up to an 11" ankle, large to 13". We now offer these with little bells or more involved double jingles. Also see our Amira dancer anklet of a similar style with beads. Shown in steel with little bells. View in brass with double jingles.
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