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Elegantly dark jewelry and accessories suitable for goths and gothic clubwear. We are well aware that "gothic" comes in many forms and styles. This is a list of some personal favorites for gothic venues, along with those creations which are most popularly worn to accessorize gothic-style wear. See other gothic and unusual site links.

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Raven slave ensemble
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Raven slave ensemble $120.00
Three of our gothic Raven designs form this popular body chain set. Our Raven necklace, 2 Raven arm bands and 2 Raven slave bracelets are all linked with (4) 18" connection chains of shiny black anodized aluminum. The connection chains each have a small "S" hook on one end and a lobster clasp on the other so they are removeable and may be worn with other jewelry items. The sizes refer only to the armband as the necklace and bracelets fit just about everyone (12"-18" neck and 6"-8½" wrists). The standard size fits an upper arm of 9"-12" and large from 12"-15". The ensemble is shown here with an Amira headband. See other view with a Raven bottom.
This is an item made up of a combination of other jewelry pieces which may also be purchased separately. The ensemble price reflects a discount. We are artists and do not produce connection chains except as part of one of our creations.
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Raven headpiece
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Raven headpiece $25.00
This beautiful gothic headband features a lovely hematite teardrop which is complemented by drapes of black anodized chain. The comfortable strap is made of stretchy rayon cord to ensure a perfect fit. Our headbands can also be lowered to rest around the neck, converting them into pretty necklaces. See other view with Raven arm bands and a Raven Gothic necklace.
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Raven slave anklet
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Raven slave anklet $32.00
This lovely foot adornment makes a wonderful addition to any wardrobe from dancer to gothic. In this unusual barefoot sandal, an elegant band of steel chain-mail collars the ankle, with one portion shifting into our trademark diamond shapes and branching off toward the toes. Black anodized chains fall smoothly across the top of the foot. Foot jewelry such as these are sometimes referred to as slave anklets. They may be worn singly, as regular anklet are usually worn, or by the pair like sandals for barefeet. We make this style to fit up to an 11" ankle. It is shown here with a Raven slave bracelet.
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Raven Gothic necklace $30.00
A darkly elegant necklace made with a hematite teardrop, steel chainmail, black anodized chains, and gunmetal rings. It's appeal is widespread, from goth to medieval fans. We make our Raven necklace so that it rests at a perfect angle along the base of the neck with the chains and teardrop drawing the eye downward. This effect is exceptional with any amount of cleavage. With an overall length of 21", this necklace comfortably fits necks up to 18" and adjusts downward to fit 12". It is shown here with a Raven headpiece and Raven armbands. See other view. View with Raven armbands, connection chains and slave bracelets, as well as an Amira headband.
This necklace may be purchased as part of our unique Raven slave ensemble set which connects to matching arm bands and slave bracelets.
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Raven slave bracelet $20.00
This slave bracelet is a simply elegant design of a style extremely popular for casual, belly dance, and gothic club wear. It features dark hematite beads and gun metal rings with a slim length of chain which loops over a finger. Black anodized chain angles away from the center diamond, following the angle of the steel chainmail wristpiece. This item fits from 6"-8½" wrists. Shown with Raven slave anklet.
This item is also available in a set as our unique Raven slave ensemble which runs chains from the slave bracelets to matching arm bands and necklace.
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ShadowPoint Bat necklace
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ShadowPoint Bat necklace $26.00
In this stunning gothic necklace, a cute vampire bat sleeps within a heart of chainmail. The maille drips with tatters of shiny chain links. For just a drop of color, a blood-red fire polished point topped with hematite adorns the end of the 20" necklace chain. The clasp hooks onto any point along the chain length for the perfect fit on any neck. This necklace really stands out on dark colored clothing and looks fantastic with an open neckline. The shape is particularly well-suited for dresses, corsets and wench tops with a squared neckline. Depending on color choice, it is made of steel or brass chainmail with silver-tone or gold-tone chains and findings. The bat is either pewter or antiqued gold finish to match.
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Blade ear cuff earring
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Blade ear cuff earring $26.50
This ear cuff, or multi-pierced, earring is popular with both men and women and goes great for a pirate, punk or gothic flare. Black chain sweeps down from a cuff or upper-stud from which dangles a pewter blade. The basic design of this earring for single and non-pierced lobes features a single strand leading down to a black glass point or optional skull. The chain branches into 2 or 3 chains when for double and triple pierced lobe is chosen and the furthest one ends in the point. Each earring comes with a single earring with chain connecting the earring back. This simpler earring is usually worn on the opposite ear. As with all our earrings, there are options for wear on even ears with no piercings at all (choose "sterling ear cuff" and "for non-pierced lobe"). Shown here with double-pierced lobe, upper-stud and black point. View with sterling ear cuff for triple pierced lobe and black point. See single-pierced earring with ear cuff and skull. View a single earring with skull.
Also, see it with entirely non-pierced options ("sterling ear cuff" "for non-pierced lobe").
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Fancy Crystal earring
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Fancy Crystal earring $27.50
Designed before Bajoran earrings appeared on TV, this was one of our first earcuff earrings designs and still a favorite. Depending on the bead choice, this earring can look darkly gothic or crystalline delicate. Semi-precious stones or Austrian crystals sparkle along a path from the ear cuff to an ear-post or two (or even three). This original design has been a favorite since before Bajoran earrings ever appeared on the scene. It automatically comes with a simple earring (drop w/stone) which is often worn on the opposite ear. The fluted metal teardrops capture the light dramatically. The main picture shows an upper-stud style for a double-pierced lobe and black Onyx beads. View a single-pierced style w/ear cuff and Tiger eye. Options are present for wear on entirely non-pierced ears. See close view of the simple earring.
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Stones or Crystals
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Spike chainmaille choker $27.00
This makes a great punk or gothic choker for men and women. However, this isn't your typical spiked choker. We craft this unique creation with our trademark chainmail diamonds and coffin-shaped center ending in long metal spikes. Unusual nickel-plated spiked rings lie between steel chainmail sections. This choker is designed to rest comfortably as high on your neck as you like. The standard size fits from a 12-15 inch neck, while large fits from 15-18 inches. See other view with a WebArt tiara.
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Lock-et chain mail collar
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Lock-et chain mail collar $36.00
The two chainmaille weaves used in this piece create a unique effect when the collar is put on. This jewelry piece functions in a way similar to a choke-chain but with more control due to the unusual design. It features larger nickel-plated rings which are set attractively into the galvanized steel chainmail. A padlock, or similar device, is needed to secure it. It can come with a sturdy brass padlock with a black finish. Also available is a beautiful heart shaped lock with a very high nickel polish and one key. The standard size fits up to 16" necks and the large fits neck sizes to 18". For a longer tail choose the larger size. Shown with a heart-shaped lock, Crown of Spikes. See other view with an Amira headband. View close-up with a black lock. Our mail order jewelry is handcrafted for fashion use only, not meant for continuous wear.
(We do not sell locks separately)
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Crown of Spikes $42.00
This chainmail coronet is a unique and suitable accessory for amazon or warrior princess. The attractive band of chain-mail shapes and rings is adorned with shiny spikes. This creation is fully adjustable with the help of a small stretchy section at the back which is ornamented with a drape of chain. That piece makes this headband quite secure when worn lower upon the brow. A couple bobby pins may be desired when resting it higher upon the crown of the head. It is shown here with a Lock-et collar and Spike armband. See back view. Our Crown of Spikes design in a daintier, less spikey form is available as our Crystal coronet.
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ShadowPoint slave earring
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ShadowPoint slave earring $27.50
A dark earring hung with shiny silver-tone chain links and blood-red points. This piece creates an apocalyptic, gothic air with its fire polished, garnet points capped by dark gleaming Hematite beads. We craft the ShadowPoint earring to order with a sterling silver ear cuff (or an upper-stud for wear with cartilage piercing) and made for your choice of non-pierced, single, double or triple pierced lobe. As a plus, it automatically comes with a secondary earring, often worn on the opposite ear, in which the black chain is linked to the earring back. The main picture features the ShadowPoint earring with upper-stud and a single-pierced lobe next to the secondary earring. See with sterling silver ear cuff made for a double pierced lobe. View secondary earring w/the chain running to the back. For entirely unpierced ears choose "sterling ear cuff" and "for non-pierced lobe" in the "Style" options, below.
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Blade chain mail choker
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Blade chain mail choker $24.00
This is a wonderful gothic choker design which features two pewter blades bracketed with gleaming glass beads. The unique dark faerie look makes it a favorite of the designer and creator. The choker itself is formed of flowing chainmail shapes and large gunmetal rings. The chainmail portions have a fringe of spear beads with a lovely dark gleaming colors on one side which shift in the light. However, if you wish a more sedate look, just flip the choker over to reveal plain black spears. This choker is designed so it can comfortably be worn as high on the neck as you like. The standard size fits from a 12-15 inch neck, while large fits from 15-18 inches. View with the black side of the beads showing. See the close-up.
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Flying Dragon necklace $19.00
A strong necklace design depicting a flight of fantasy. This unusual necklace features an intriguing chainmaile shape in steel leading to a dragon in flight. The smooth nickel-plated chain and rings complete the look. The soaring dragon is pewter. The overall length is 19", but the hook will hook anywhere along the chain for exact control of where it rests.
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Danae warrior armband
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Danae warrior armband $35.00
Terrific warrior jewelry for both men and women, bands of chain-mail wrap the upper-arm. In this uniquely shaped double armband, the metal straps are connected by a diamond shape with large gunmetal finished ring accents. Small fits from 9"-13" and large from 13"-17". See other view with an Raven headpiece, Amira handflower, ShadowPoint halter top, and a ShadowPoint belt.
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ShadowPoint jacket chains $38.00
This gothic jacket decoration descends from your epaulet, wrapping your upper-arm in a cage of maille. Irregular hanging chain links and dark garnet colored points give it a slightly tattered, apocalyptic look while and discs set within flash in the light. A chain loop at the top slides over any standard epaulet and chains wrap around the arm for a secure hold without being confining. For do-it-yourself costumers, it has been suggested that the upper loop may be easily laced or tied to the shoulder point of vests or shirts which lack epaulets. Sold individually.
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Valkyrie jacket-chains
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Valkyrie jacket-chains $38.00
An easy way to make "the usual" more interesting, These metal shoulder chains made to quickly and easily decorate any jacket or clothing sporting a standard epaulet. The innovative design drapes the upper arm in an unusual web of metal, while the entire bottom edge is bristling with little metal leaves and eye-catching, hammered spearheads.
We are quite proud of our innovative jacket-chains design because there is no need to be concerned about sizing. Each set of chains is made to fit any upper arm sizes, with excess chain used as further decoration. Unlike other methods of decorating a jacket, it can be quickly removed should a more conservative appearance be desired - just undo the epaulet and slide the maille right off. This item is sold individually but are sometimes worn in pairs.
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Hematite jacket maile $37.00
Bored of your plain jacket but don't want the permanence of paint, rivets or studs? Here's an easy way to dress it up. This unique jacket decoration hugs the upper arm, and the top slides over any standard epaulet. If yours isn't standard, or you think they might be too wide, just send the diameter across the epaulet and we'll make the jacket-maille to fit it. The attractive web of chainmail ends in gleaming Hematite drops and hearts. The innovative design allows it to fit up to the largest of biceps with any excess chain used as further decoration. Since many jackets have brass accents, we're now offering this piece in gold-toned brass as well as silver-toned steel chainmail. These shoulder chains are sold by the piece but are sometimes worn in pairs.
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Ice-Flame dancer necklace $37.00
This jeweled necklace is stunning. It ornately enhances cleavage with its light-catching fire polished beads and droplets dipping enticingly downward. This fairy style creation is an intricate weave of jewel-like faceted beads which goes especially well with open neckline clothing. We make this in an enchanting gradient of blue tones (blue-ice) or shading from red to black (dark-fire). The overall necklace length is 23” and can be hooked anywhere within for exact placement on any size neck. Shown here in dark-fire. See also in blue-ice blue tones with a Crystalweave bikini top and Blade earring.
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Spider necklace, earrings
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Spider necklace, earrings $35.00
A spider waits ominously within her web of metal chains at the base of the neck. It may be ordered alone or with the matching earrings. Our original spider design is back. A long personal favorite of the designer as well as many customers, this necklace and earring set was regretfully discontinued years ago due to changes with our supplier. The main neckchain is 18" and is set with additional rings for length adjustment. Set shown as a close-up view. View the Spider necklace.
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WebArt tiara
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WebArt tiara $35.00
A tiara is a decorative jeweled headband. This unusual headwear design adds an exotic look, be it worn with an elegant outfit or dance costume. The dark gleam of the black option would do any goth princess proud while the colors are popular with bright bellydance and Renaissance Fair outfits. An ornate centerpiece of fire polished and Hematite beads adorn the forehead of this gorgeous headpiece. From this, a lacework of chain drapes its way back. It is held on comfortably and securely by very stretchy rayon and, as with all our headbands, one may choose to wear it over or under the hair. Choose your favorite chain color with matching beads, gold-tone and silver-tone are made with scintillating crystal aurora borealis beads. Shown here with a Spike choker and a non-pierced Spike earring. See other view with a WebArt necklace.
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Blacklock neck chain
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Blacklock neck chain $14.50
Our Blacklock neck chain is a simple item which never loses it's appeal. This locking necklace is made of black anodized chain and clasped with a sturdy matte finish padlock. Many choose the length for wearing it close to the neck, but it also makes a fashionable long neckchain. Also see the matching Blacklock waist chain.
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