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Diamond ™ Chainmaille Line
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These rich and elaborate designs are made with flowing waves of light catching, nickel-plated chain, along with shiny nickel-plated rings. Each piece features our own original Celtic knotwork-like diamond shapes in steel links. We developed the chainmaile diamonds a way of setting our work apart. Sadly, they're now copied by those lacking imagination, but you'll never find these pieces featured in as well-integrated and creative designs. Mix and match with our Hexmaile and Spike products.

Dreamseeker Celtic necklace, earrings
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Dreamseeker Celtic necklace, earrings $22.00
A cross between Celtic knotwork and Native American styles, this set is now available with either silver-plated feathers or nickel-plated dangles. Each maille diamond is crafted by hand then your choice of accent is added. This inspired design is the very first to feature the diamond shapes which have become such a trademark of our company's artistry. Some chainmail vendors have taken our chainmail diamond idea and just changed the name to "celtic knotwork" or similar. The chainmail pendant comes on an 18" chain and the earrings use surgical steel earwires. These jewelry pieces may be purchased separately or as a set. Shown with silver-plated feathers. View with nickel-plated dangles.
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Diamond slave ensemble
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Diamond slave ensemble $95.00
This unique form of body chains bedecks from neck to arm to wrist with drapes of shiny chains. Connect necklace, arm bands and bracelets or wear any piece individually! We handcraft this gorgeous jewelry with our trademark chainmail diamonds adorned with nickel-plated rings and chains. The Ensemble consists of two Diamond slave armlets (a bracelet slaved to an armband by a removeable chain), two additional 18" connection chains (that's 4 in all), and a Diamond choker necklace. Run the chains in any way you wish, even to other jewelry items or piercing rings. Your imagination is the limit! The standard size (shown) fits upper arm size of 9"-12" and large from 12"-15". The necklace and bracelets fit almost everyone (12"-18" neck and 6"-8½" wrists). See other view shown with a WebArt headdress and a WebArt waistchain.
This is an item made up of a combination of other jewelry pieces which may also be purchased separately. Connector chains are only available as part of one of our original designs.
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Diamond slave armlet
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Diamond slave armlet $27.50
We love this unique combination of arm band, bracelet and connection chain. It adds a alluring touch to normal wear and enhances more elaborate attire. The arm to wrist setup is historically portrayed in harem attire. Our bracelet and arm band is beautifully handmade in graceful diamond shapes alternating with shiny rings and may be worn with or without the included 18" connection chain. That sleek chain (or chains if you order additional) has a lobster clasp to attach to our smaller chainmail links and an "S" hook which may be hooked onto links, D-rings or most any jewelry. Additional chains may be purchased to be worn with this or other items (3 chains running from upper arm to wrist looks fantastic). This item fits most wrists (6"-8½") with the standard armband size fitting from 9" to 12" and large from a 12"-15" upper arm. It is shown here with an Amira necklace. View close-up of 2 Armlets.
See other view of Armlets with x-tra connection chains running to a Diamond choker necklace. Go to the Diamond slave ensemble to purchase the entire matching set (neck and both arms).
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Diamond choker necklace
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Diamond choker necklace $35.00
An artistic, Renaissance inspired jewelry design, this gorgeous choker necklace is handmade in chainmail diamonds interspersed with shiny nickel-plated rings. Waves of sleek nickel-plated chain flow from this structure and catch the light. This piece adjusts to fit up to 18" necks. It is made to be worn as a choker but can also rest lower along the collar line. See other view with a Diamond Celtic headband. See other view with a Raven headpiece, Hexmaile halter top and Diamond slave armlets.
This necklace is also available in a set in our unique Diamond slave ensemble which runs chains from the necklace to upper arm band to wrist bracelet.
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Diamond chains top
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Diamond chains top $110.00
Shiny nickel-plated chains flow gracefully from ornate strands of celtic style maille diamonds. The unique arrangement of chain enhances the upper-body shape and proportion in a way far more flattering than the standard leather straps and chains configuration. This attractive design accessorizes wonderfully with any number of outfit styles and is one of the designer's personal favorites. Wear it over anything from fabric to rubber and, of course, the effect is stunning when worn just on skin. It drapes beautifully on all shapes and sizes from x-small through over a 40D bra size. Shown here with a Crystal coronet and Diamond belt. See other view with the matching thong. It also makes great costume wear.
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Diamond Celtic headband
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Diamond Celtic headband $27.50
A Celtic knotwork style chainmail diamond rests upon the brow in this lovely headband. The centerpiece of a light-reflecting, metal bead is set with your choice of semi-precious stones or Austrian crystals. Sleek nickel-plated chain lengths weave their way along the sides to frame the face and accent the eyes. A stretchy woven cord provides a comfortable and very adjustable fit. The main headpiece view is with Tiger eye beads and a Diamond choker necklace. View close-up with blue Austrian crystal. As with all our headbands, this piece may be lowered to rest around the neck, becoming a stunning necklace.
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Stones or Crystals
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Diamond Celtic belt
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Diamond Celtic belt $85.00
Dress up a plain skirt, dress or pants with this elegant belt of Celtic-look, maile diamonds and shining chains. It also looks as wonderful against the skin as it does over clothing and makes a great harem dancer accessory. Bright nickel-plated chains catch the light in flowing sweeps which continue around the back. It is available with or without nickel-plated bells. This belt clasps at the sides and fits up to a 38" waist. See view without bells with a Crystal coronet and Diamond chains top. See other view with a Danae collar set and Diamond slave armlets. See back view with bells.
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Diamond barefoot sandal
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Diamond barefoot sandal $35.00
An artfully sophisticated barefoot sandal design with nickel-plated chains flowing gracefully along the foot. Hand formed chainmail shapes give this slave anklet a unique appearance. See other view. We make this style to fit up to an 11" ankle. Our Diamond barefoot sandals are made and sold individually, but a discounted price for two is available in the options below.
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Diamond ankle & boot chains
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Diamond ankle & boot chains $25.00
This is wonderful accessory, whether worn with bare feet or to draw the eye to those stunning shoes or sandals. It also makes an ideal ornament for dressing up plain boots. This original jewelry design encircles the ankle with shiny nickel-plated chains and rings. Matching bells accent each chainmail diamond and create a lovely subdued sound. We can optionally make this item without bells. View as anklet to 12" size. That size fits from very slim up to 12" ankles. Boots will likely require one of the longer options. View longer worn as bootchain. Price is by the piece, but some people prefer to wear two as a pair.
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