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Crystal ™ Chainmaille Line
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These charming designs are made to order in sparkling, colorful chain and your choice of real Austrian crystals or semi-precious stones. Where chainmail is present, it is available in silvery steel, lightweight aluminum and gold-tone brass. See our Colorful line for great matches to these.

Fancy Crystal earring
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Fancy Crystal earring $27.50
Designed before Bajoran earrings appeared on TV, this was one of our first earcuff earrings designs and still a favorite. Depending on the bead choice, this earring can look darkly gothic or crystalline delicate. Semi-precious stones or Austrian crystals sparkle along a path from the ear cuff to an ear-post or two (or even three). This original design has been a favorite since before Bajoran earrings ever appeared on the scene. It automatically comes with a simple earring (drop w/stone) which is often worn on the opposite ear. The fluted metal teardrops capture the light dramatically. The main picture shows an upper-stud style for a double-pierced lobe and black Onyx beads. View a single-pierced style w/ear cuff and Tiger eye. Options are present for wear on entirely non-pierced ears. See close view of the simple earring.
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Dancer neck to belly chain
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Dancer neck to belly chain $40.00
Many expressed interest in a more ornate and dainty body chain than our Harem body chains so we've created this unusual necklace to belly chain. It is wonderful for dance costumes, summer wear or wherever else an unusual and intriguing accessory is desired. Wear over clothing or with the chain leading under a cropped shirt to reappear at the waist. Your choice of semi-precious stones or Austrian crystals crown black faceted points dangle beautifully. The neckchain is made with additional length so it's end bead may lead enticingly down the back or be draped back over the shoulder as shown. The waist chain adjusts up to a 36" waist, and any excess adds a graceful touch when looped back onto the hook and/or over the chain. It is shown here in silver-tone with goldstone beads. See close-up view of belly chain.
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Crystal footflower
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Crystal footflower $36.00
We'll handcraft this beautiful barefoot sandal to your specifications. Choose your preferred color combination from our variety of inner chain colors along with semi-precious stones or Austrian crystals. The outer framework is sturdily made of steel chain because most foot jewelry must stand up to a great deal of stress. This structure is available in nickel-plate or gold-tone finish. This foot adornment can be worn alone, but many people prefer to wear them as a set so we also offer them by the pair. The Footflower shown has purple chain and Turquoise stones. This footpiece fits up to a 12" ankle, hooking at the back with extra chain looping back up attractively. The chain web conforms itself to each foot shape.
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Crystal Facemask
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Crystal Facemask $32.00
This dramatic mask of chainmail and colorful chains was created to accent the eyes and does an exceptional job of it. A unique and eye-catching piece for any evening out, not to mention at costume balls or medieval fairs. Bright Austrian crystal or semi-precious stones lend their own personality and charm to the overall design. The band of comfortable rayon stretch cord provides a perfect fit for everyone. Shown with black chains and Hematite beads. View with blue chain and black Austrian crystal with a Raven chain-top, Wayfarer bracelet and arm-bands. See other view with gold-tone chain and red Austrian crystals.
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Crystal coronet
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Crystal coronet $38.00
Lovely as a wedding adornment or just to add a touch of medieval elegance to less formal outfits. The front is adorned with your choice of semi-precious stones or Austrian crystals upon fluted teardrops. Those drops, the slim chains to either side and the larger rings are silver or gold tone to go with your choice of metal. Available metals are golden brass or the silver finish of steel and aluminum. Made to be fully adjustable, it has a stretchy section and adjustable chain at the back, and rests comfortably upon forehead or crown. As with any headpiece, wearing it high may feel more secure with hair pins or clips. See other view with Mother of Pearl in steel and a ShadowPoint slave set. See other view. See back view in brass.
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Crystal Comet earring set
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Crystal Comet earring set $32.00
Often confused with Bajoran earrings, we've been making this unique and original design since 1992. Three colorful chains trail from a sterling silver ear cuff to a drop-shaped loop. A semi-precious stone or Austrian crystal adorns each chain, and another rests upon the metal teardrop which hangs within the dangling loop. One of our oldest all original earring ideas, each is specially handcrafted to match your own personal preferences. The metal teardrop is fluted for a rich look as it flashes in the light. This earring is optionally available without the matching single earring for the opposite ear. The single consists of the loop with matching drop, but no ear cuff portion. The main picture is an ear cuff style with purple chain and purple Austrian crystal. View a Comet earring w/upper-stud, black chain and Hematite beads. Options are also available for entirely non-pierced ears.
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Crystal belly chain
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Crystal belly chain $17.50
This belly chain is available in a variety of bright chain colors and sparkles with Austrian crystals or semi-precious stones. We've been making this style for 15 years, and they are still in high demand. Each is handmade to order with your choice of bead and aluminum chain color. Our time tested design attaches by slipping the teardrop through the loop and wrapping or tying it as creatively as you wish. It can be easily worn through a navel ring. View with purple chain and Hematite beads. Also, see with gold-tone chain and Malachite.
By special request, we can make this belly chain with a small S-hook, but most find this detracts from the overall look of the design.
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